“Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.” Steven Anderson, Educator

Wise Experience

Intergenerational Entrepreneurship

Intergenerational Entrepreneurship brings together the experienced wannabe entrepreneur with young partners (typically millennials) to form a new business venture. It is a win-win situation as you both bring different perspectives to the business.

What you bring to the business:

  • Wisdom, Initiative, Skills and Experience
  • a Rolodex of connections from years of work experience
  • the desire to do something you have always wanted to do
  • confidence

What Millennials bring to the business:

  • technology and social media savvy
  • their own group of contacts
  • like being challenged – are up to the task
  • aren’t afraid of risk
  • they are entrepreneurial in nature

An intergenerational business does come with with challenges as well. The two different age groups must learn how to respect each other and learn to work together. This section of the website will focus on intergenerational relationships.