“I can’t keep calm because I got a new job”

Wise Employment

A recent CTV & Nanos poll indicates one in 5 Canadians over the age of 65 will still be continuing to work as they haven’t saved enough to retire.

If you are going to continue to work, regardless of the reason, then you should be doing something you enjoy. We realize it is difficult as we get older for companies to look at us as a viable solution to their needs. The Wisdom, Initiative, Skills and Experience we have from years of work are an asset for any company.

Wise-Seniors in Business continues to look for companies who are age-friendly and do understand what we have to offer.

If you are interested in getting back into the workforce visit the companies listed below who will either help you find work or hire you directly, either full or part-time.


We’re not consultants. We’re not headhunters. We’re matchmakers.

Our network has the skills, and our employers are facing the challenges. We just make sure that the right talent finds the right opportunity.

We specialize in matching experienced professionals with opportunities in many different fields.

Job seekers join our network because they don’t want “just another job”. They’re not satisfied with a comfy chair and a paycheque; they want a chance to tackle real problems and bring value to businesses. And since Boomerswork specializes in fixed-term and part-time opportunities, they get the flexibility to enjoy all aspects of the lifestyle they have worked hard to earn

Our clients, meanwhile, aren’t looking for “temp help” or “an extra body”. They turn to us when they’re faced with a unique business challenge that calls for a seasoned professional, but hiring full-time isn’t an option.

Whether you’re looking for the right opportunity or the right talent, you’re in the right place. Boomerswork can be reached through their website.

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