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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 addresses and delivers everything you need to know to start your new business.





Testimonials for WISER The New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is often considered to be an activity for the young. That said, experience is a fertile ground for new ideas. It follows that seniors are as capable of contributing new ideas as anyone else. The challenge is bringing these ideas to fruition.

Whether you are a retired English teacher who has a new learning methodology or a retired engineer with an understanding of how to create a novel product or you’re the house wife who wants to produce something new or you’re the retired social worker who wants to set up a social cause.

WISE – The New Entrepreneurs is the smart guide you need that will bring to you learning knowledge, direction, energy and put you on the right path of entrepreneurship.

Tamer Hegazy
Global Entrepreneurship Advocate
United Nations


In 2013 I was approached by McGraw-Hill Ryerson asking if I was interested in taking over as the author of the ninth edition of a textbook on entrepreneurship – Building Your Dream. The book had been widely used in Colleges & Universities across Canada and after taking over the writing of the book, it continues to be a force in the higher education system and is now a best seller.

The recently completed tenth edition is receiving rave reviews as the most practical textbook on entrepreneurship. In 2016, the University of British Columbia adopted Building Your Dream for all entrepreneurship programs at the University.


Building Your Dream – 10th Edition

Building Your Dream is a self-help guide and workbook intended to provide a vehicle to lead prospective small-business owners and potential entrepreneurs through the fundamental stages involved in starting a business of their own in a logical and sequential way.

Building Your Dream has been written for individuals who wish to start a business of their own or want to assess their own potential for such an option. This includes men and women, of all ages, who dream of some type of self-employment.

The 10th Edition of Building Your Dream has been updated to include the latest trends surrounding entrepreneurship.

The 10th Edition of Building Your Dream is available directly from McGraw-Hill Ryerson


Building Your Dream – 9th Edition

The ninth edition of Building your Dream is available at There are two options available – I recommend the Prepack which includes the book and access to the online Connect where you have access to templates and other resources. The standalone book does not include templates or additional resources.




Testimonials for Building Your Dream

Building Your Dream is the most practical textbook on Entrepreneurship in the higher education market. Being an entrepreneur herself, co-author Wendy Mayhew, knows what is needed to start a business. She stays current on the ever changing business eco-system and is able to bring the most up-to-date information and stories to the classroom.

Stephen Daze
Dom Herrick Entrepreneur in Residence
Visiting Professor
uOttawa, Telfer School of Management


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