Val Fox – Read Val’s Story

Val Fox – Read Val’s Story

In 2015, at the age of 61, Val Fox stepped away from her role as Executive Director of Ryerson’s DMZ which she co-founded in 2010 and brought it to where it is today, to launch her own business, The Pivotal Point.

Turning experience into a business

Val is taking her experience and knowledge gained from creating one of one of the highest ranked incubators in the world and turning it into her own business. As a consultant, Val guides academic institutions, SMEs and governments, through the process of building their own ecosystem to become a success similar to DMZ and then creating linkages between them.

Turning a negative into a positive

Moving from having a team of 30 to working alone is quite different. The isolation of not having someone to talk to, share your vision or ideas, is a challenge in itself. In order to overcome this feeling Val is aligning herself with other like minded entrepreneurs with each working alongside each other. Val calls this clustering – a new way of working. Everyone helping each other potentially leads to working together on projects.


Although The Pivotal Point is still a very young company, Val is working with several Colleges, Universities as well as cities and townships. She is receiving calls from all over the world. Some of this is due to her reputation as co-founder of DMZ as well as referrals from DMZ. Down the road Val would like to employ 3 people to work in her business.


Val has pivoted from the original plan of the business. Instead of primarily coaching and mentoring, she is now not only guiding clients through the process of creating successful incubating communities, but also co-creating networking opportunities that lead to more successful start-up creation and economic/social development.

More information about the pivotal point is available on the website.



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June 30, 2016