Mary Taggart – Read Mary’s Story

Mary Taggart – Read Mary’s Story


Accidental Entrepreneur

Michael Curran, the owner of Ottawa Home Magazine sat down with Mary Taggart, editor-in-chief of the magazine to discuss how to expand the magazine. Michael said all options were on the table including her acquiring the magazine and running it herself. She had never thought of being a business owner, and although she did hesitate, it wasn’t for long – the challenge of taking the magazine to the next level was too enticing to resist.

AT 52 years of age, Mary became the owner of Ottawa Home Magazine. It didn’t take her long to make some changes that she had wanted for the magazine – she created a new website, changed printers and enhanced the distribution of the magazine.

She now plays two roles within the company, small business owner where she is solely responsible the bottom line of the business and still Editor-in-chief.  The biggest challenge was putting the business systems into place but it did go smoothly as the team came with her, her son is an accountant and her husband runs a successful business of his own.

Mary doesn’t have employees – all freelancers.

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June 30, 2016